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January 08, 2008

Cars are major contributors to air pollution. Millions of people drive their cars everyday. The volume of vehicles on the road is not decreasing. If anything, it is rising. This will increase over and over since carmakers are all about creating new cars. Developing the Hybrid technology in the auto industry is their solution to this. Hybrids are not only fuel efficient, they also pack along systems that allow them to generate less harmful emissions too. Comparing this to other cars, the difference is dramatic. A normal internal combustion engine vehicle will cough up nitrogen-oxides from its exhaust system, whereas a Hybrid will not. Hybrids use two power sources. Since the engine is not its main supplier, tasks of the exhaust system are that much easier.

Car owners must be aware of everything that they equip their cars with. This is because it affects what comes out of them. Diesel for instance, is not recommended because this type of fuel is not clean. Running diesel will make the exhaust system choke out harmful elements into the air. There are basically two parts that comprise the exhaust system. Some sophisticated concept cars may have more parts though. But otherwise, the car components typically involved are the muffler and exhaust pipes or exhaust manifold. These two parts greatly affect the quality of the end product of a carís emission control system. For instance, while the catalytic converter and oxygen sensor are at work, the exhaust is merely biding its time, waiting to release emissions from its system. In case the emission control system fails, the exhaust system ends up releasing noxious gases, which are, in particular, nitrogen-oxides that pollute the air.

Aside from pollution, cars also create noise. The noise generated by the engineís combustion process is sometimes annoying. Hence, the exhaust systemís muffler is put in place to regulate and do away with this particular annoyance. Some luxury cars are known packing along mufflers that make it possible to eliminate all sounds, resulting to ultra-silent drives. But for those who donít think a little noise on the side is something to worry about may just opt to buy good mufflers. All in all, together with the emissions control system, exhaust system components such as the exhaust manifold and mufflers make cars more environmentally friendly, resulting to better and greener automotive technology.

Author: Anthony Fontanelle




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