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Announcement: Charitable contributions

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January 29, 2005

   In recognizing the increasing need in today's environment, it is the goal of this site to make significant contributions to organizations that offer services and aid for the improvement of life conditions for those in need. The Tsunami tragedy has sparked an awareness of need to send help there, but there are needs in many places and some of them in our own backyards. The world can be harsh and unforgiving for those unfortunate individuals suffering from disease, abuse, poverty and violence as well as natural disasters. Survival of the fittest should not be the legacy of society. Everyone is eventually destined to suffer old age, and the grave, and the best anyone can do is improve our own or someone else's life during the process. While most of the time, our own improvement is priority, but there should be a portion of our efforts that help improve life conditions for others. While many of us do not have money in sufficient amounts make a difference, I believe that collectively tremendous amounts can be generated, especially when it requires no out-of-pocket donations. Many times when money is collected, there is so much overhead that much of it does not reach the people for which it is intended. I desire to eliminate much of the overhead and siphon funds directly to target areas. Everyone in the western world makes purchases of some kind and these purchases can be used to generate the necessary funds. This web site gets a percentage of every sale that is initiated from here. While most of that money is the bread and butter for the creators, ten percent will be made directly to charity organizations. One hundred percent of any funds in excess of 100 thousand will go directly to charity.

Web Products Express generates money when a visitor clicks on any advertising link on this site and makes a purchase.  

  Since this site has recently become visible on the internet, increasing that visibility and promoting its purpose and goal will be the keys behind its charitable contribution success. The purpose will be to generate as much revenue as possible and the goal will be not only to provide owners equity (as most business' do), but significant focus toward areas of society that need improvement. The National Council on Child Abuse and Family Violence, America's Second Harvest, Braille Institute, and the Orphan Foundation of America are just a few note worthy organizations. All donations made to Web Products Express will go directly to a charitable organization. Donations made by Web Products Express will be posted along with the organization the donation was made. The goal is to contribute ten percent of net revenue to charity and 100 percent of direct contributions to proposed organizations. You will be able to play a part and see the results simply by using this site for your purchases.

 Although I have a few charitable organizations in mind, I would appreciate any  suggestions that may come through the feedback page. 

  • 2004 Donation to Salvation Army

Proposed target organizations for 2005 are:

  • Salvation Army
  • National Council on Child Abuse and Family Violence
  • America's Second Harvest
  • Negro College Fund


Forrest Gaye  


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