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We have received feedback from those having trouble tracking orders. When you place an order through one of our stores you should receive a verification email containing an order tracking number. When you log into the store where the merchandise was purchased there are links where you can see the status of your order by entering this tracking number. Please do not send us your account number to track the order for you. Your personal info is protected by the store where your made the purchase and you should be able to track it yourself. We can possibly locate a transaction using the name of the store, description of the merchandise, and amount but can not see your personal info. We are here to help if you have problems and we want you to enjoy a safe shopping experience! 

if you have issues that you would like to share openly please register for open discussion on our message board. Here you can express ideas and get responses from others. If you want your comments to appear under a category that is not listed please send a request via this page and we will promptly open an new category for your discussion.  

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