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GIA Certified Loose Diamonds

Not only does Mondera only deal in the best diamonds, they also only sell GIA certified diamonds in any custom ring or any diamonds sold loose. Meaning you have a guarantee of the quality of your diamond. On top of this Mondera does not deal in or support the sale of conflict diamonds and stands 100 Percent behind the efforts to stamp out the sale of diamonds that support war and terrorism in all its forms.

Mondera also offers range of specials such as their recommended diamonds based around an easy to follow search that allows you to find the best diamond for you as well as "Hearts & Arrows" cut diamonds, which thanks to the work of expert cutters and polishers, seem to possess inside a pattern of hearts and arrows when viewed with a hearts & arrows viewer. These diamonds are extremely well cut and provide a superb amount of brilliance and sparkle.

Click here to visit Mondera's diamond section and learn more about diamonds.

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