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About Mondera
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About Mondera
Opened in 1999 Mondera has maintained it's position as one of the top online jewelry sites without compromising on quality or customer care throughout the down turn in the dot com boom, with its feet having a firm grip in the offline world Mondera continues to grow with every passing year

Since 1890, the Mouawad family has been a leading purveyor of the finest gems, jewelry, and watches to royalty and other discerning connoisseurs. The Mouawad Group is also a prominent contributor to the educational aims of the jewelry industry, highlighted by the Gemological Institute of America’s Robert Mouawad Campus.

Shop and learn. This handsome site dishes plenty on diamonds, gemstones and other jewelry, from a pearl lexicon to coral classifications. There's a history of jewelry and a look at wedding customs around the world. Shop by product or occasion, or create your own diamond ring and earrings by selecting shape, cut, price, carat size, color and clarity. Bridal and anniversary suggestions in the Gift Boutique.

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